Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

2023-2024 Terms and Conditions

Payments will be due on the following dates for each term:

TermPayment 1Payment 2Payment 3
Fall QuarterSeptember 20thOctober 20th November 20th
Winter Quarter December 20th January 20th February 20th
Spring Quarter March 20th April 20th May 20th

All payments will be due on the 20th of the month.

  • Students will be able to sign up for the payment plan throughout the academic year.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made online 24/7 through the Kalamazoo College Hornet HQ or mailed to:

Kalamazoo College
Student Accounts
1200 Academy Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Note: If sending a check please include the student’s ID number for timely processing.

Budget Amount

  • Only tuition, room, residential meal plans and mandatory fees may be placed on the payment plan. Commuter meal plans cannot be added to the payment plan.
    Note: All other charges must be paid separately
  • Please check your student account on Hornet HQ for separate charges not covered by the payment plan to avoid late fees.
  • The payment plan is set up with three (3) installments per academic quarter. If applying for the payment plan after the first installment is due, you will owe your first and second installment for your first payment.
    Example: If applying October 1st, you will pay the September and October installment for your first payment.
  • Adjustments to tuition, room and board will be credited to your last installment for the quarter.

Transcripts and Diploma Hold Policy

If you are in good standing on your payment plan, the College will release your transcript. However, diplomas will be held until the student’s account is paid in full.

Fees and Other Charges

There is an annual enrollment fee of $75 charged $25 each term and is due with the first installment. A $10 late fee may be assessed on any scheduled payments received after the due date. A handling fee of $25 will be imposed for any check returned by the bank.

Failure to Pay

In the event any installment becomes 30 days past due, the plan will be cancelled and all balances will become due immediately. Balances will then be subject to late fees of 1.5% per month.


Enrollment in the payment plan is accomplished by completing the Enrollment Form at the link below. To estimate your cost for the coming academic year, please use the appropriate billing calculators below.

Note: The Student’s network User ID and Password is required to submit the Enrollment Form.

Payment Plan Enrollment Form

Complete the Payment Plan Enrollment Form.