Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Housing, Food, and Activity Fees

Tuition, Housing, Food, and Activity FeesAnnual ChargesPer Term Charges
Student Activity Fee$429$143

Study Abroad Comprehensive Fees

Study AbroadBilled in FallBilled in WinterBilled in SpringTotal
Short Term Program
Note: Most Short Term programs are spring term only.
Long Term Program
Note: Most Long Term programs are fall and winter terms.
Extended Term Program$23,323$23,323$23,323$69,969

The study abroad comprehensive fee will reflect on your billing statement as two charges: $19,395 (Tuition) + $3,928 (Program Fee) = $23,323 (Comprehensive Fee)

Room Rates Per Term

Residence TypeSingleDoubleTriple2 Room Triple
Residence Hall$2,280$1,910$1,800$1,910
Living Learning House$2,280$1,910$1,800N/A

Meal Plans

Meal PlansDescriptionFee
20 Meals Premium20 meals/week + $115 “K Cash” per term$2,118
20 Meals Standard20 meals/week + $15 “K Cash” per term$2,018
15 Meals Premium15 meals/week + $125 “K Cash” per term$2,002
15 Meals Standard15 meals/week + $25 “K Cash” per term$1,902
10 Meals Premium10 meals/week + $135 “K Cash” per term$1,693
10 Meals Standard10 meals/week + $35 “K Cash” per term$1,593

Note: K Cash for all meal plans will carry over from Fall to Winter term and Winter to Spring term. Unused K Cash at the end of the Spring term will be forfeited.

Commuter Meal Plans

Students residing in the Residence Halls will not be permitted to purchase a commuter plan.

Commuter PlansPrice
75 Meals$639
50 Meals$447
25 Meals$234

Special Fees

Special Fee TypeAmount
.81 to 1.4 Registered Units $6,465
.41 to .80 Registered Units $3,693
.21 to .40 Registered Units $1,848
Up to .20 Registered Units $924
Special secondary school fee (per course)$1,752
LandSea program$675-$1,795
Applied music (.5 hour) $324
Applied music (1 hour)$648
Applied music group (1 hour) $213

Other Fees and Charges

Other Fees and ChargesAmount
Matriculation fee$150
Student Health Insurance$1,303
Official transcript$6
Returned check (NSF check)$25

Nonrefundable Deposits

Deposits (nonrefundable)Amount
First time students$350
LandSea Program$100