Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Housing, Food, and Activity Fees

Tuition, Housing, Food, and Activity FeesAnnual ChargesPer Term Charges
Student Activity Fee$429$143

Study Abroad Comprehensive Fees

Study AbroadBilled in FallBilled in WinterBilled in SpringTotal
Short Term Program
Note: Most Short Term programs are spring term only.
Long Term Program
Note: Most Long Term programs are fall and winter terms.
Extended Term Program$23,323$23,323$23,323$69,969

The study abroad comprehensive fee will reflect on your billing statement as two charges: $19,395 (Tuition) + $3,928 (Program Fee) = $23,323 (Comprehensive Fee)

Room Rates Per Term

Residence TypeSingleDoubleTriple2 Room Triple
Residence Hall$2,280$1,910$1,800$1,910
Living Learning House$2,280$1,910$1,800N/A

Meal Plans

Meal PlansDescriptionFee
20 Meals Premium20 meals/week + $115 “K Cash” per term$2,118
20 Meals Standard20 meals/week + $15 “K Cash” per term$2,018
15 Meals Premium15 meals/week + $125 “K Cash” per term$2,002
15 Meals Standard15 meals/week + $25 “K Cash” per term$1,902
10 Meals Premium10 meals/week + $135 “K Cash” per term$1,693
10 Meals Standard10 meals/week + $35 “K Cash” per term$1,593

Note: K Cash for all meal plans will carry over from Fall to Winter term and Winter to Spring term. Unused K Cash at the end of the Spring term will be forfeited.

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter Plans are only available to students living off campus. Students residing in the Living Learning Units or Residence Halls will not be permitted to purchase a commuter plan.

Commuter PlansPrice
75 Meals$639
50 Meals$447
25 Meals$234

Special Fees

Special Fee TypeAmount
.81 to 1.4 Registered Units $6,465
.41 to .80 Registered Units $3,693
.21 to .40 Registered Units $1,848
Up to .20 Registered Units $924
Special secondary school fee (per course)$1,752
LandSea program$675-$1,795
Applied music (.5 hour) $324
Applied music (1 hour)$648
Applied music group (1 hour) $213

Other Fees and Charges

Other Fees and ChargesAmount
Matriculation fee$150
Student Health Insurance$1,330
Official transcript$6
Returned check (NSF check)$25

Nonrefundable Deposits

Deposits (nonrefundable)Amount
First time students$350
LandSea Program$100